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Below you will find new tutorials on Office 2007 and information on BB 7.

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Office 2007 listed at top & 2003 at bottom BlackBoard and Campus Cruiser Tutorials Blogging, Social Bookmarking and Podcasting Tutorials Creating Tutorials, Learning Objects, Rubrics, etc.

Word 2007 Tutorial

Word 2007 Tutorial 2

Word 2007 Tutorial 3

Microsoft Interactive Tutorial for Word

Microsoft Word 2007 Training

Microsoft PP for Word

PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 1

PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial 2

Microsoft Interactive Tutorial for PP

Publisher 2007 Tutorial 1

Publisher 2007 Tutorial 2

Critical Thinking Presentations

Developed from:
Foundation for Critical Thinking, Linda Elder and Richard Paul.
The Miniature Guide to Critical Thinking Concepts and Tools, page 5 - 11.  Dillon Beach, CA:  Foundation for Critical Thinking, 2006.

Elements of Reasoning


Excel Tutorial 1

Excel Tutorial 2

Microsoft Interactive Tutorial for Excel

Excel 2003 Basics 

Excel 2003

Access Tutorial 1

Access Tutorial 2

How to Use a Flash Drive

Creating Folders

Saving Files

How to Use Print Screen

 File Management


Create Tutorials with Wink

Wink 1 HTML

Wink 1 PDF 

Wink 2 HTML

Wink 2 PDF

Outlook Quick Reference Card

Microsoft PP for Outlook


How to Create Rubrics

Rubistar Tutorial

PowerPoint 2003 Basics

PowerPoint 2003

Jeopardy Games

Office 2003 Basics 

Windows XP Basics





Word 2003

Word 2003 Basics

PP on Basic Word 2003


Computer Basics

Clean up your Computer Advice


Outlook 2003 Basics 

Outlook Spam Tutorial

Outlook Personal Folders

Internet Browser Basics

Internet Basics